Re: [Nautilus-list] Two patches for Eel library 1.0

On Wednesday, June 13, 2001, at 06:47  AM, <suzhe gnuchina org> wrote:

   I made two patches for Eel library 1.0 to deal with multibyte string
ellipsize and smooth text layout bugs.
   I have test these patch under zh_CN.GB2312 and zh_CN.GBK locales.

These patches look pretty good. One small problem with them is that they don't use the proper coding style. For example, you write:

	g_free( xxx );

and in Eel, the style is:

	g_free (xxx);

and you write:

	if( wc_text_len <= 0 ){

but in Eel, the style is:

	if (wc_text_len <= 0) {

If you would fix these minor problems and resubmit the patch it would be much appreciated.

    -- Darin

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