[Nautilus-list] hidden files bug

I was looking at fm-directory-view.c:real_display_pending_files().
As it seems, currently hidden files are present in the list of
files passed to directory views even if hidden files are turned
off in the preferences. This probably hurts performance a bit
when viewing directories with lots of hidden files (e.g. home
directories). I tried to dig into the code to find out where
the problem lies, but I thought I'd rather report it now.

I couldn't quickly find out where the GList of pending files
(files_added) is constructed. I got somewhat lost in
nautilus-directory*.[ch], but I suspect a fix may be possible
somewhere in nautilus_directory_get_info_for_new_files in
nautilus-directory-async.c. I'm not yet able to fix this myself.

Christian Glodt

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