Re: [Nautilus-list] Mime type handling in gnome

The MIME database was moved from gnome-libs to GnomeVFS (where it is now
actively maintained). Applications should use the database in GnomeVFS
from now on.


On 08 Jun 2001 10:55:56 +0200, Sebastien DELESTAING wavecom fr wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to know how Nautilus handles mime type, as it seems that there are
> currently 2 mime database on my system. One that is used by Nautilus and
> that I can configure with the control-center applet, and one that is used
> by older apps like GMC or PAN. In an attempt to fix this I emailed the
> author of PAN that answered he was using the standard gnome library
> (specifically: gnome_mime_type and gnome_mime_program) to open binary
> attachments. Is there a new way to do this ?
> Thanks to cc: your response to me as I am not on this list. And thanks for
> Nautilus by the way  =)
> seb
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