Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

> A lot of people use GNOME precisely because they can configure it.  Rather
> than throwing all config options out the window, we should try and just make
> simple configuration options for beginners, and offer the current level of
> configuration (with some UI fixes) for advanced users.

Just wanted to chime in: My favorite thing about GNOME is its
configurability.  In fact, my only major complaints with GNOME right now
is the lack of configurability of the menu panel.

What I would like to see is a single, extremely configurable panel.
Make the "Finder" thing on the right hand side or the menu panel
available as an applet.  Make a menu applet that allows you to specify
which menus you want to include in it, and whether they should show up
as text (as in the current menu panel) or icons (as in current panel
menus).  Get rid of the "Menu, Edge, Aligned, Sliding, or Floating"
panel types and give the panel config options to allow users to set it
up like any of the current panels.

If the GNOME team decides to use user-levels, you could hide these
advanced settings from newbies.  Basic users would just have a choice of
2 or 3 preset panels, much like Doorman offers now.  You could even make
it so Basic users couldn't add, remove, or move panel applets.


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