[Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

	Personally, I feel the menu panel with the programs menu,
etc... is more appropriate than the panel/foot menu. Two, I think there
should be a global user preference instead of a nautilus specific one. It
would be much nicer and more elegant if gnome, nautilus, and other apps
worked together with the user preferences. Ex. Have a advanced,
intermediate, and novice setting directly on the menu panel. Selecting one
of the three there would then effect everything. I also feel that the
redundancy in gnome/nautilus should be gotten rid of. It only leads to
cluttering and confusion. Ex. Take web browsing aspects out of nautilus,
and have sawfish, panel, nautilus, and other key desktop options in one
place. This should be accessed through the menu panel. Unlike Explorer in
windows, I do not feel nautilus should play the role for doing
this.  Nautilus should stick to being a file browser and that's about
it.  I also think the layout of the panels, etc.. should be fixed for both
novice and intermediate levels. Only a "advanced" user should be able to
customize the desktop. Having it this way will make explanations to new
users much easier since they have not likely changed their
desktop. Anyway, what feelings do you guys have on this? 

P.S. Havoc, I really wish you would talk to some redhat guys and get more
muscle put behind abiword. I've recently done three different 25+ page
reports with images, etc... and have found that the word processing
options in linux absolutely suck. Hell, neither abiword or staroffice can
even print correctly. Print directly is broke and so is gnome-print. I
really wish people would not neglect the importance of the word
processor. I unfortunately had to find a windows box with msoffice to get
it done correctly. The abiword people are shorthanded and really need the

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