Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

> P.S. Havoc, I really wish you would talk to some redhat guys and get more
> muscle put behind abiword. I've recently done three different 25+ page
> reports with images, etc... and have found that the word processing
> options in linux absolutely suck. Hell, neither abiword or staroffice can
> even print correctly. Print directly is broke and so is gnome-print. I
> really wish people would not neglect the importance of the word
> processor. I unfortunately had to find a windows box with msoffice to get
> it done correctly. The abiword people are shorthanded and really need the
> help.

It might be useful if you did a couple of things:

1.) Provide more technical information other than "printing and word
processing sucks in AbiWord and Star Office."  That's not real useful
for hackers.  What do you mean by broken?  I use both AbiWord and Star
Office without trouble.  So do hundreds of other users.  So you'll
have to be more specific about what your particular problems are.

2.) Bring the issue to the appropriate channels (i.e. abiword,
gnome-print, open office mailing lists).  Maybe you've already done

3.) Work with the hackers.  If you're a developer with anytime to
spare at all, consider working out your issues and submitting patches.
If you're not a developer, provide enough information (maybe in the
form of a bug report) to actually get the problems resolved.  Maybe
you've already done this.

It just seems that simply saying Star Office, AbiWord, and gnome-print
sucks and soliciting Havoc to try to get people at Red Hat working on
the problems isn't the answer.

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