Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] Custom icon patch

On Monday, June 4, 2001, at 12:36  PM, Anders Carlsson wrote:

today I noticed that when I tried to set the custom icon of a directory
by dragging the icon to the sidebar icon of the directory, it wouldn't
work if the icon file contained ,  or .


The best solution for this is probably to escape the string before
setting metadata, so here's a patch that does that.

The patch seems like the right direction. Note that we are working around a bug in libxml 1 here. We shouldn't have to escape characters to have them survive the roung trip into the metafile. I do have three remarks though:

1) It seems that the escaping should go inside the metdata machinery, not in the code to set this one particular piece of data.

2) This patch escapes the name the way into metadata, but where's the code to unescape on the way out?

3) Why did you chose gnome_vfs_escape_host_and_path_string over gnome_vfs_escape_string? Perhaps we need an escape function that only escapes non-ASCII characters.

Finally, what would you envision doing for the GNOME 2 time frame when we have the newer fixed version of libxml?

    -- Darin

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