Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Nautilus vs. xpenguins

I've been thinking some about these root-window hacks. I think Nautilus
covering the desktop seems like the RightWay for various reasons (One of
many reasons is that this way icons with lots of transparent pixels are
still easily clickable.) but I see the place for fun stuff like xsnow,
xpenguins, and xearth. It seems like the best way for root-window hacks
to coexist with nautilus would be some way for hacks to be written
specifically with Nautilus in mind. 

I'm imagining a plugin system that would allow programs to draw on the
Nautilus desktop directly. This would allow for antialiased xsnow, icons
casting shadows on hacks and the like.

Perhaps this is a crazy idea but I havn't heard it suggested yet so I
thought I'd chip in.


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