Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus optimized?

Skip Montanaro <skip pobox com> writes: 
>     Sebastian> Neither is it mine. But I'd like to learn. Can someone give
>     Sebastian> me some hints where to find documents that explain profiling
>     Sebastian> so I can learn it?
> A good place to start is with "info gprof".  You can also access gprof
> documentation online at

The eazel-profiler in eazel-tools in CVS is probably a bit better than
gprof for Nautilus (gprof didn't like shared libs last time I used it,
so you had to figure out how to statically link the works).

Both of them are pretty limited though, since they use time sampling
instead of counting CPU cycles, and can't profile all the processes
involved simultaneously.


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