[Nautilus-list] Fan Sites

    As a typical admirer of the Nautilus project, all I can really say
is WOW.  The people working on this, and those whose contributions are
strategic and unsung, you have my respect and appreciation. Great job!

    There's just one thing missing, it seems- fan sites.
"nautilus.themes.org" and such.  Any documentation of themes-creation
tools are hard to find, if they exist at all.  I'd really love to create
some themes, if I knew how.  Is any of this sorta thing out there?

    One more idea.  I mess with tkined, for example.  There's not much
different from the icons on tkined/scotty and the tree structure that
Nautilus couldn't emulate...almost like a (dare I say) Network
Neighborhood kinda way.  Aside from the (not so)Simple Network
Management Protocol, a tool or plugin for Nautilus could ping sites and
report round-trip times, which is what I use thinet for, anyway...and
then we'd get the benefit of cool image tools, too!

    Just some things to think about...
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       (So at least there'll be one place to look without an ad.)

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