[Nautilus-list] [Fwd: help making librsvg and eel stay out of the way of GNOME 1 versions]

The changes mentioned on the forwarded mail mean that you have to
rebuild librsvg, eel, and nautilus on either the stable branch (gnome1)
or CVS HEAD (gnome2).

As usual, 'rebuild' using eazel-hacking will do all the work.

I suggest you do a clobber build just so that old cruft will be out of
the way.

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Ive made the changes to make this possible for librsvg and eel in both
the stable branches and CVS HEAD.

Some things that were missing from Havoc's list in case anyone cares:

+ Translations.  The package name for gettext needs to be foo2 instead
of foo, otherwise the .mo files clobber each other.

+ Make sure fooConf.sh.in, foo.m4 and foo-config.in are retired from the
GNOME2 version of the library since its all pkg-config based.

+ Update the foo.spec.in files

+ Check all Makefiles for usage of the new datadir (say
$_libdir/foo-2/foo).  Make check caught this one in eel right away.

A also noticed that different packages use different naming schemes:

gconf -  $prefix/include/gconf/{1,2}
gtk - $prefix/include/{gtk-2.0, gtk-1.2}

and now for the sake of diversity:

eel - $prefix/include/{eel-1,eel-2}

I actually didnt realize I used a new scheme till after i boinked on the
cvsci button, so it might be cool to post Havoc's list somewhere.


Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:
> > Now that librsvg and eel build under GNOME 2, I'd like to make sure
> > they use some scheme like the one used by the gnome-libs or gtk to
> > keep libraries and headers out of the way so you can have both the
> > old and new versions installed on the same system. (And I now really
> > wish it was named libeel rather than eel!)
> >
> > I was hoping to get some specific instructions on the easiest way to do this from
> > one of the people who has already done this with other libraries.
> >

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