[Nautilus-list] moving to GNOME bugzilla (was Potential Nautilus categories for GNOME bugzilla)

On Monday, July 23, 2001, at 10:19  PM, Jon Allen wrote:

Here's a list of potential Nautilus-related products/categories
for bugzilla.gnome.org.  I've left out some Eazel-related
components (services, etc.) but the majority of
bugzilla.eazel.com components are in this list.  I'm not
sure what to do about bugs whose categories will be orphaned
in this process - maybe a catchall category for these?
I don't know.

Just a quick note about porting to GNOME bugzilla. At the time we move bugs, it's easiest if the products, components, and versions match in both bugzillas. So we can do this reorganization in bugzilla.eazel.com before we move to bugzilla.gnome.org, or we can do it in bugzilla.gnome.org after we move.

I don't think it's a good idea to do it at the time we move the bugs, since it will just increase the complexity of the process of moving the bugs.

On a related note, I have gotten the XML exporting to work on bugzilla.eazel.com, so there are just a few more biggish steps needed to get the bugs moved over:

1) get the products, components, and versions matching in the two bugzillas (requires at least creating some on bugzilla.gnome.org, and perhaps some reorganization on the bugzilla.eazel.com side) 2) get a range of bug IDs and attachment IDs reserved on bugzilla.gnome.org so we can map bugzilla.eazel.com IDs to bugzilla.gnome.
org IDs in some nice way (and make sure this is technically possible -- I'
ve recently begun to doubt whether it is)
3) figure out our own file format for moving the attachments, since the standard bugzilla XML does not deal with moving attachments, or decide that we don't need to move attachments.
    4) test the importing process somehow before doing it
    5) do the import
    6) clean up whatever went wrong

And a few smallish ones:

1) set up a mapping table to make sure old email addresses get mapped to the appropriate ones on bugzilla.gnome.org -- for the most part, this is taken care of, but there's a problem with email addresses of category owners on bugzilla.eazel.com (they have some old email addresses in them)
    2) figure out what we'll do for owners of categories on bugzilla.gnome.
org -- perhaps we should use a mailing list like the gtk-bugs one for most bugs instead of using individuals

If someone is able to take on one of these tasks, please let me know. I'd like to get these bugs moved as soon as possible.

    -- Darin

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