[Nautilus-list] Re: File Manager

calum benson sun com (2001-07-24 at 1304.02 +0100):
> > --no-desktop   Do not manage the desktop (ignore the preference set in
> > the preferences dialog).
> Does running it this way disable/hide the setting in the Preferences
> dialog, or just ignore it?  (I would check, but on my version of
> Nautilus I just get an "unknown option" error when I try to run it with
> "--no-desktop"...)

Here, 1.0.4, the options (handle desktop and use $HOME as desktop)
disappear from the settings, instead of toggling them off or ignoring
them. I guess they should not be removed, and that a --desktop like
param would be useful to force handling if the settings are set to no


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