Re: [Nautilus-list] [ANNOUNCE] Nautilus community website

On 16 Jul 2001 04:04:45 -0400, Harvey Jones wrote:

> 2.  Meta-ideas. If you have any good ideas for content, cool features for the site, etc., let us know.
Hm. A quick idea that comes to my mind:
The possibility of writing scripts is an underexplained and overuseful
feature of Nautilus. Maybe some tutorials on basic and advanced Nautilus
scripting will help a lot of people. 

> 3.  Publicity. This isn't important as of yet, but when the site goes live, the more the merrier. 
Evandro proposed the page to be the official Nautilus homepage.
Maybe the Nautilus vets (Darin, Andy, mjs, yakk etc) can bless the idea :-)

- Cesar

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