Re: [Nautilus-list] Usability: trashcan nitpick

Cody Russell wrote:
> When you right click on an item and highlight "Move to Trash", the
> little appbar at the bottom of the window says "Move each selected
> item to the Trash".
> When you right click on an item that is in the Trash can and highlight
> "Delete from Trash", the appbar says "Move each selected item to the
> Trash".
> Personally, I think "Delete from Trash" is sort of an odd option to
> have and I can imagine how it might cause some confusion, especially
> for people who read the text in the appbar.
> I think it would be really cool to have a "Remove item from Trash"
> menuitem.  This would mean that each item moved to the Trash would
> also need to have some associated metadata telling where it came from
> originally so it can be moved back.

    I'm of the opinion that it's cool the way it is, but if it's
modified, it shouldn't differ much from the Winblows way of doing

    I can't convey just how important I see the Usability Study to be.
"Hear me now and believe me lata" applies here.  As long as we're
building this whole thing for us, it'll always be for us.  To really
'turn up the heat', we need to address this silly, sniveling, nitpicking
stuff called Usability.

    The Nautilus stuff made me proud when the newbies hit the thing
running with positive results (aside from the throbber, which seems like
WAY to graphic a name for what it is...) but our whole movement needs to
be on the alert to not just strengthen the underbelly of what we do, but
to soften and sharpen the interfaces we make.

    Speaking as the least-technical person here...I think...I'd like to
help with this particular part of the task.  Is there any way that I can
help, without becoming so embroiled in the dark, greasy shapes so that I
forget to be a newbie?

    If you can send me RPMs for Redhat 7.1, I'd be glad to scan'em over
for newbie-treestumps.  My hat's in the ring now.

Brian Fahrlander                             Linux Zealot, Conservative,
Chicago, IL                                       and reviving Technomad
ICQ 5119262             
                          Live free or die.

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