[Nautilus-list] "not writeable" emblem


One thing we currently have in the redhat-outstanding-patches branch
is to turn off the "not writeable" emblem.

The main motivation for this is simply that when you have the start
here, preferences, etc. folders they are really ugly if you have this
emblem on every icon. In some sense this is a lame reason; but I think
it has some basis in usability, i.e. if you are looking for
preferences, it's kind of not really relevant that the thing isn't
writeable, and it's sort of distracting to have the emblem on

We considered some alternatives to turning the emblem off globally.
For example, we considered turning it off for files if the folder
containing the files was unwriteable. i.e. only show the emblem for
files that were "differently writeable" from the folder. Then you
might add a "writeable" emblem for the situation where the folder is
unwriteable and the file is writeable.

Another idea is to just turn it off for these special folders we
expect to contain .desktop files.

Another possibility is to turn it off for any .desktop file.

Maybe someone has some insight here? I feel like our solution is lame
but better than having the distracting emblem in the start here


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