[Nautilus-list] thank you

Just a quick note to thank everyone who's been contributing to Nautilus lately. Working with a bunch of generous people who take the time to add something to the project is a lot of fun for me.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm also particularly excited that Andy Hertzfeld is back doing some work on the project (see the ChangeLog for details). And it's great that the folks at Red Hat are working hard to improve the basic user experience for their users and integrating their changes into nautilus, gnome-vfs, and various other gnome packages to do it (some of their changes are being done on a branch, but I expect they'll be rolled in to HEAD soon).

I also appreciate each and every bug fix, translation, and tweak, so keep those patches coming.


    -- Darin

PS: If we keep getting all this good stuff in there, I might need to make a 1.0.5 release soon.

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