Re: [Nautilus-list] Memory consumption under Sol8?

On Friday, July 20, 2001, at 01:04  AM, Nick Steel wrote:

Its rather strange. I've been able to duplicate this behavior on three
seperate users on the same system. I did some more poking around with it,
and occasionally I can get the interface to come up, and I'm able to
navigate around for about 30 seconds without any problems and then I'll do
something like resize the window, or change into a directory in tree mode,
and the interface will lockup and you can see it start to hog up memory.

The next step is to run the program under something that can tell us what'
s allocating the memory. One way to do it is to run under gdb, with a breakpoint on malloc when the size is very large (guessing that the memory is allocated with malloc). Another possibility might be to run it with a memory debugging program like that one (can't remember its name) used to find leaks in gnome programs.

    -- Darin

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