Re: [Nautilus-list] Excessive CPU utilization

On Saturday, July 14, 2001, at 12:23  PM, R. Steven Rainwater wrote:

I'm running Ximian Gnome with Nautilus 1.0.4 on several machines
and noticed that top shows Nautilus sucking up a good bit of CPU
time. On my PIII 800mhz, top shows Nautilus at 10-15% all of the
time (even when it shouldn't be doing anything). Worse, on a PII
200mhz, top shows it at 35-50%. It makes the slower machine almost
unusable whereas it works great after a "killall nautilus".

This is caused by a bug. Nautilus running not doing anything should take 0.
0%. That's what it takes on my machine. Anything other than 0% means there is something going wrong on your system.

I'm sad to hear that this is happening on all your systems. The system I test on is a 500 MHz PIII, and it's 0.0% for me. Maybe some other Ximian GNOME users could let us know if they see the same problem.

I'm sure there is lots of work being done to make Nautilus
smaller and faster but I wonder if there is anything in the way
configuration or a preference dialog in which I could turn off
the unused functionality?

There's no "fix the bug" switch.

Ideally, I'd like to see a dialog where I could turn off 99% of
Nautilus and just keep the part that gives me desktop icons and
context menus. Is this possible?

Not really. If such a switch was possible, we'd want to turn that off for everyone until they opened a Nautilus window!

In any case, this CPU time being sucked up by Nautilus is some kind of bug.
One way to begin the process of tracking it down is to use "strace -p" to find out what Nautilus is doing.

    -- Darin

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