[Nautilus-list] Excessive CPU utilization

I'm running Ximian Gnome with Nautilus 1.0.4 on several machines 
and noticed that top shows Nautilus sucking up a good bit of CPU 
time. On my PIII 800mhz, top shows Nautilus at 10-15% all of the 
time (even when it shouldn't be doing anything). Worse, on a PII 
200mhz, top shows it at 35-50%. It makes the slower machine almost 
unusable whereas it works great after a "killall nautilus". 

I'm sure there is lots of work being done to make Nautilus
smaller and faster but I wonder if there is anything in the way 
configuration or a preference dialog in which I could turn off 
the unused functionality?

I'd like to continue using Gnome but other than showing icons 
on the desktop I don't use or need Nautilus for anything (indeed 
I'm still not even very clear on what it does anyhow - nothing I 
use seems to stop working when I kill it except that the desktop 
icons vanish and I have to use the toolbar exclusively). I used to
use the "create new icon" from the desktop context menu a lot but 
when Nautilus was integrated in Gnome, that menu option went away 
(or broke?).

Ideally, I'd like to see a dialog where I could turn off 99% of
Nautilus and just keep the part that gives me desktop icons and
context menus. Is this possible?


R. Steven Rainwater * http://www.ncc.com/humans/srainwater/index.html
"As you struggle to save humanity be sure to avoid electrodes in
your path"  -- Robotron 2084

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