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To address that kind of issues, could it be possible for nautilus to use an abstraction layer between the music view and the playing system (esd or even a raw driver as OSS or ALSA) ? Such an implementation already exists in GPL world (libao).
And for the previews, the mime types could be a solution, couldn't it ?

Marius Stepien wrote:

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 11:21:26 -0500 (CDT)
Dan Mueth <d-mueth uchicago edu> wrote:

Can we expect that all GNOME users use esd?  If so, we could just use


esd" in the call in Nautilus.  If we think some people may decide to


off esd, we could have a preferences dialog which either allows people


select to not use esd or else which gives users a short list of device
options to choose from for passing to ogg123.  Using esd should be the
default behavior if it is not reconfigured since this is the GNOME sound
server. Ideally in the future all of this will be done by communicating
with the control-center, but for now I guess it makes sense to put it in
Nautilus' preferences.  Or is there a simple way to poll the
control-center to find out if esd is being used?

Weren´t there plans for Gnome 2.0 to exchange the esd with another sound
deamon ? I believe there were discussions to implement ARTS or to write a
new sound daemon to replace the old ESD system....

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