[Nautilus-list] Re: Help API for GNOME 2.0

Dan Mueth wrote:

> After chatting on #sun a bit this morning...  It sounds like all GNOME
> programs which use the component system are abysmally slow on Solaris.
> Apparantly Evolution even slower than Nautilus.  Since I see no
> fundamental reason why GNOME programs or the component system must be
> slower on Solaris than on Linux, I expect that it is just a matter of work
> to fix it.  And since GNOME isn't really GNOME without any of the apps
> which use the component system, I'm betting this problem will be fixed ;)
> So, I'm going to start assuming that Nautilus will work alright on Solaris
> as our help browser and forget about the need for an HTML-only help
> browser unless people start making a lot of noise.

Hi Dan.  That's a fair assumption.  We need to investigate and fix the
performance of Gnome generally on Solaris.  But Solaris performance
not constrain whatever the correct decision is for help browsing on 2.0.

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