[Nautilus-list] Re: Help API for GNOME 2.0

Dan Mueth wrote:

> So, I'm going to start assuming that Nautilus will work alright on Solaris
> as our help browser and forget about the need for an HTML-only help
> browser unless people start making a lot of noise.

I guess there's a possible accessibility issue here... I don't know if
we have a commitment from anyone yet to make the help browser in
Nautilus accessible in time for 2.0 (or even if it's possible in that
time frame, if it relies on Mozilla in any way-- does it?)

On the other hand, we could potentially have a GtkHTML2-based accessible
browser in time for GNOME 2.0, at least if Anders' enthusiasm for making
GtkHTML2 accessible is maintained :o) So if there's no HTML-format help
available in 2.0, it could potentially mean we're depriving the product
of any accessible online documentation.

But I may be talking nonsense here, so I've copied this to the
accessibility list for their comments...


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