[Nautilus-list] nautilus on freebsd - questions on nautilus_application_startup

Hey happy hackers!

I'm trying (one more time...) to get nautilus running on freebsd. as
usual, n. hangs on startup.  it calls nautilus_application_startup()
and seems to give up in line 544 or so of nautilus-application.c in:

			if (!CORBA_Object_is_nil (shell, &ev)) {

i guess nautilus isn't supposed to hit the "break" here, is it? on
freebsd, it does, and crashes (why?!?!).
if comment out that piece of code, nautilus will continue the next few
lines and exit with that error message:

				message = _("Nautilus can't be used
now, due to an unexpected error.");
				detailed_message = _("Nautilus can't be
used now, due to an unexpected error "
						     "from OAF when
attempting to locate the factory."
						     "Killing oafd and
restarting Nautilus may help fix the problem.");

nautilus seems to succesfully launch the throbber subprocesses (via oaf
i think), but for some reason the 

			shell = oaf_activate_from_id (SHELL_IID, 0,

seems to fail. i guess thats why it breaks;.

any ideas? hints how i can debug the whole thing a bit better?


Klaus Herrmann <klaus herrmann gmx net>

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