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> Remi Cohen-Scali <Remi Cohen-Scali france sun com> writes:
> > I'am just wondering about where is going to land the hardware view
> > link ? In .gnome-desktop ?
> >
> If we keep it, it belongs in starthere: probably.
> For Red Hat we just deleted it and replaced it with a gnome-python
> application jrb wrote that reads the Kudzu hardware information.
> We may put a link to that app in starthere:
> Our feeling was that the current hardware view isn't too useful and
> seems kind of strange (it _really_ feels like you should be able to
> click the icons). We couldn't figure out what should happen when you
> click the icons though, and it seemed like the view would inherently
> be weird anyway because the icons wouldn't behave like normal Nautilus
> icons.
I agree that the current hardware view is kind of pointless.
What *could* be cool is if they were "smart" icons that Andy Hertzfeld (I
apologize if I got the last name wrong) was working on a few months ago.
Where the icons were information containers - so a printer icon could have
information on the print queue, a web page link could have the RSS feed,
etc.  You could do useful things with the hardware view then - the cpu icon
could be a cpu monitor.  Clicking it could launch Procman.  The memory icon
could show memory load (clicking on it could also launch procman).  Disk
icons could show how full they are....things like that.  Clicking on them
should launch a system management or configuration utility that is related
to that piece of hardware.  It could be useful if it were meaningfully mixed
with the gnome control center.


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