Re: [Nautilus-list] select all, unselect all and invert selection patch

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Ben Ford wrote:
> > I personally think that Unselect All is not a very good addition. And
> > I think that Invert Selection is a pretty strange feature.
> It's actually a very useful feature.  Say you have a directory of 300
> files and you want to keep 5 of them.  Select those 5 and hit 'Invert
> Selection'.  Now all but those 5 are selected for further manipulations.

I agree. "Unselect all" may not be that much needed (you can just click
outside the objects to unselect your selection, right?), but "Invert
selection" can be very useful.
I just checked in the Windows Explorer, and it has this option in the Edit
I also checked the special cases. When no objects are selected, it selects
all. When all objects are selected, it unselects all
(thus probably making a seperate "unselect all" option unnecessary in
this way too).


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