[Nautilus-list] gmenu for Gnome2?


I'm wondering if its possible to drop gmenu for Gnome 2 and replace it
with a nautilus-based solution. 

This could be a matter of a nautilus window popping up to the
/prefix/share/gnome/apps directory. Double clicking on a .desktop file
(or maybe right-click->Edit) would pop up a dialog like the one
displayed in the right-hand pane of gmenu. The folder right click menu
could allow creation of a new launcher.

The only issues I can think of are access to multiple directories
(Global, Favorites, Distro, etc.), and display ordering. 

Multiple directories could be handled by adding an "Edit this menu" item
to the right click menu of the Main/Programs/Favorites menus in the

Display ordering could hopefully be handled inline by the panel, ala
Windows 98, but I have no idea how hard this would be to implement.



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