Re: [Nautilus-list] EEL patch

>   Elliot, is there any chance we can get ORBit to use something less
> expensive than /dev/urandom or randomizing through SIGALRM?..
>   This sounds like a problem that all the applications using Bonobo
> extensively are going to have.

  Uhm, OK, from looking at the code it looks like it really needs to be
that random.  :-)

  But still, I have seen there is a patch on the trunk to avoid opening
/dev/urandom at every genrand() invocation.  I don't have the time to
check if it makes a difference, but /cvs/ORBit/docs/changes2.txt seems
to imply it does.  Can we port it back to the orbit-stable-0-5 branch?


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