Re: [Nautilus-list] .nautilus-metafile.xml

Dennis Bjorklund wrote:
> Nautilus have a tendency to leave files around. Especially .thumbnails and
> .nautilus-metafile.xml. How does this work tohgether with a multiuser
> system like unix. I have directories that are writable by several users.
> What happens when they go to the same place. Will everyone overwrite the
> .nautilus-metafile.xml from another user. Actually they cant. Does that
> mean it's just the first one that happend to go to a directory that saves
> the metafiles. And this metafile contains window-sizes and such. What if
> the first user have a 1600x1200 screen and the next have a 650x480
> screen...
> I think this is a broken behaviour, but maybe that's just me. Or maybe I
> don't know how it works.
> My question is really, what is the philosophy behind this?

I personnally think that by default these files should be stored in a
single location under $HOME, with an option to write .metafile in the
directory if required.

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