Re: [Nautilus-list] Different desktops with Workspaces

On Út, 2001-12-18 at 16:52, Richard Plana wrote:
> Hi,
> Some X Window managers allow for the concept of workspaces. Gnome is 
> somewhat aware of this. Is it possible to have a different Gnome desktop 
> (~/.gnome-desktop/) for each virtual workspace? Wouldn't this be a good 
> idea (from a usability standpoint)?

Oooh I like this a lot. /me imagines my graphic dirs and templates laid
out on the gfx workspace for easy dragging to GIMP, multimedia files
desktop, documents desktop. I love the idea.

-[ jimmac ximian com ]-[ ]-

"even a stopped clock gives a right time twice a day"

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