[Nautilus-list] Re: build problem that Yoann and Chris reported

Thanks for the reply Darin.

> One thing to do is to check that the symbol is in various libraries that 
> it should be in:
>      nm cut-n-paste-code/widgets/e-paned/.libs/libe-paned.al | grep 
> e_paned_get_type
>      nm libnautilus-private/.libs/libnautilus-
> private/.libs/libnautilus-private.so | grep e_paned_get_type
> (Your names may differ depending on the platform you're on, and due to the 
> use of the "-static" flag.)

ok, here's the situation here:

$ nm libnautilus-private/.libs/libnautilus-private.so | grep
         U e_paned_get_type

so no T entry there...

as for libe-paned.al... I don't have one.  libe-paned.la doesn't work
(format not recognised).  no output from libe-paned.a.  e-paned.o
produces this though:

$ nm cut-n-paste-code/widgets/e-paned/.libs/e-paned.o | grep
00000000 T e_paned_get_type

basically I'm not too sure what I'm doing here though.
> Both files should have a T entry that defines e_paned_get_type.
> Please let me know what you find out.

I hope this helps.

Thanks again,

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