[Nautilus-list] Where to report bugs these days?

First off, thanks to Darin for that I/O document, it definitely helped me
start to understand nautilus.  On that note, how correct/up-to-date is the
architechture.txt document?

On to my main point, what is the status of the bugzilla for nautilus?  
there are a couple bugs that I would like to report but don't know which
bugzilla they belong in right now:

- If you hit f2 or choose the "rename" menu item while you have a file
selected, the file swtiches to the name editing mode with the current name
highlighted.  If you now hit home or one of the arrows, it becomes
deselected and you have a cursor.  Unfortunately if you hit "end" it does
not do this, as one would expect.

- When zooming in and out, it would be very nice to have naut keep the
currently selected file centered in the view... i found myself wanting to
zoom in to get a closer look at the contents of my text file using the
ctrl-= key... but the file i was looking at got scrolled off the screen.

should i drop these into the bugzilla.eazel.com repository , the
bugzilla.gnome.org repository, or wait a bit until things finish getting


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