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Havoc Pennington wrote:

"Christian Meyer" <chrisime uni de> writes:

Maybe it can be combined with XIMIANs/GNOMEs Doorman. But it should be
extended a little bit. I recently installed KDE 2.2 on my laptop. They have
about the same thing called KPersonalizer. You can adjust KDE for your
needs/for your CPU (if it can't handle all that eye-candy stuff). Thoughts?

Hi, sorry for the late answer...

I really don't like the doorman or the kpersonalizer; I don't think
preferences are that interesting, that they should be in your face
before you even use the desktop. The only reason people care about
prefs so much is that customization is pretty much the main exciting
feature of the UNIX desktops right now, and the two desktop projects
are so competitive they are all getting in your face and saying "look
at me!  look at my features!"

Certainly a wizard before you even use the desktop is a crazy place to
put prefs, no one has any basis to make the decisions they're given at
that point...

People who don't like it can simply skip the dialog. Poweruser can configure some bits at least.

We should have good defaults, if people are adventurous and don't like
the defaults they can dig out the prefs. But there's no reason anyone
should have to use the prefs. And people should be encouraged to use
the defaults, with nice standard keybindings and behavior, so that
their desktop matches the documentation. Weird nonstandard
look-and-feel is something only advanced users are equipped to cope

See my note...

Remember that usually people use the desktop after purchasing an
operating system or perhaps after arriving at a new job. Most people
when launching the desktop have not just downloaded KNOME Whiz-Bang
3.3 found on Freshmeat. At least, if we're successful that is/will be

So then they boot up and want to configure a web server or write a
paper or play a specific game, i.e. do useful work or play. They don't
boot up and want to get started deciding which insanely unusable eye
candy will be enabled. ;-) They have the computer for applications,
not for the desktop. They don't know what GNOME or KDE are.

I have no objection to that. As I said, these users can skip the dialog and start configuring their machine.

MHO of course.

Anyhow, I don't think we should have a first-login wizard unless we
have questions that really need asking that users really have the
information to answer.


Christian Meyer

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