Re: [Nautilus-list] Patch to add a 'monitor cdrom mounts' preference option

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:

> > @@ -830,8 +830,8 @@ volume_mounted_callback (NautilusVolumeM
> >  	}
> >  	
> >  	/* Open a window to the CD if the user has set that preference. */
> > -	if (nautilus_volume_get_device_type (volume) ==
> > -		&& gnome_config_get_bool
> > ("/magicdev/Options/do_fileman_window=true")) {
> > +	if (nautilus_volume_get_device_type (volume) ==
> > +	    && eel_preferences_get_boolean
> >  		window = nautilus_application_create_window (application);
> >  		uri = gnome_vfs_get_uri_from_local_path
> > (nautilus_volume_get_mount_path (volume));
> >  		nautilus_window_go_to (window, uri);
> I understand that you prefer to have this setting in Nautilus instead
> of in the MagicDev part of the control center. But I'd like to hear
> from people who actually use this feature, and perhaps the Red Hat
> hackers, about this. It seems bad to have one setting in the control
> center that has no effect, and a separate setting in Nautilus that
> does work. I'd prefer to get rid of one if we are going to add the
> other.

Adding this setting to Nautilus is wrong in the case where the 
user has magicdev installed. If it was added to nautilus, we'd need
to have a Red Hat local patch to remove it.... there can only 
be one place to have the setting. 

I believe it makes more sense, as currently, to have all the options
about what happens when you open a CD-ROM together: 

 - mounting
 - autorun
 - open file manager window
 - play audo cds

The way magicdev is supposed to work is that magicdev actually tells
the file manager to open the window. The way nautilus works now is
just a hack - it checks the magicdev option and tries to emulate what
magicdev would do.

This is wrong ... what we need to do long term is to port magicdev to
 oaf/baf, make magicdev talk properly WITH nautilus as it does to gmc. 

I mostly had the patches to do this but bogged down on:

 - Understanding how the desktop management code works in nautilus
 - Keeping both gmc and nautilus working (this is going to be even
   more of an issue with GNOME 2, as it I doubt it will be possible
   to make an app talk to both goad or oaf clients and baf clients)


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