Re: [Nautilus-list] Patch to add a 'monitor cdrom mounts' preference option

@@ -830,8 +830,8 @@ volume_mounted_callback (NautilusVolumeM
 	/* Open a window to the CD if the user has set that preference. */
- if (nautilus_volume_get_device_type (volume) == NAUTILUS_DEVICE_CDROM_DRIVE - && gnome_config_get_bool ("/magicdev/Options/do_fileman_window=true")) { + if (nautilus_volume_get_device_type (volume) == NAUTILUS_DEVICE_CDROM_DRIVE + && eel_preferences_get_boolean (NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_MONITOR_CDROM_MOUNTS)) {
 		window = nautilus_application_create_window (application);
uri = gnome_vfs_get_uri_from_local_path (nautilus_volume_get_mount_path (volume));
 		nautilus_window_go_to (window, uri);

I understand that you prefer to have this setting in Nautilus instead of in the MagicDev part of the control center. But I'd like to hear from people who actually use this feature, and perhaps the Red Hat hackers, about this. It seems bad to have one setting in the control center that has no effect, and a separate setting in Nautilus that does work. I'd prefer to get rid of one if we are going to add the other.

@@ -890,7 +890,9 @@ volume_unmounted_callback (NautilusVolum
 		if (window != NULL && window_can_be_closed (window)) {
 			uri = nautilus_window_get_location (window);
 			path = gnome_vfs_get_local_path_from_uri (uri);
- if (eel_str_has_prefix (path, nautilus_volume_get_mount_path (volume))) { + if (eel_str_has_prefix (path, nautilus_volume_get_mount_path (volume)) + && nautilus_volume_get_device_type (volume) == NAUTILUS_DEVICE_CDROM_DRIVE + && eel_preferences_get_boolean (NAUTILUS_PREFERENCES_MONITOR_CDROM_MOUNTS)) {
 				close_list = g_list_prepend (close_list, window);
 			g_free (path);

This looks like an incorrect change. The old code would close any window when the volume is unmounted. The change seems to make it so that only CD volume windows get closed and other windows are left open, even if the volume is unmounted. Did you test how this affects other kinds of removable media?

@@ -334,6 +334,11 @@ static EelPreferencesItemDescription nav
 	  N_("Don't include the built-in bookmarks in the Bookmarks menu"),
+	{ N_("Monitor CDROM mounts"),
+	  N_("Open/close a window to a cdrom when it gets mounted/unmounted"),
+	},
 	{ NULL }

My first thought would be to call this "When a CD-ROM is mounted, open a new window" and not use the word "monitor". The help could say "When a CD-ROM is mounted, open a window to display its contents".

I'm not sure that this is should be a separate setting for CD-ROMs and for other removable media. I want a window to open when I mount a Zip cartridge too.

    -- Darin

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