Re: [Nautilus-list] some patches

OK. I was being really slow and dumb. I didn't notice the attachments, leading to a very strange thread. Now that I see they are here I am reviewing them. Color me stupid!

On Monday, August 20, 2001, at 05:38  PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:

 - change the default bookmarks. Some of this is adding Red Hat
   links. I'm not sure what the other changes are; ask jrb.

I'd like jrb to make a patch that makes the HEAD bookmarks good, without Red Hatting them so much. Shouldn't take too much time, can you do it Jonathan?

 - change throbber to point to GNOME help, not Eazel

Looks perfect. Please commit.

 - remove the "searching for trash" dialog. search for trash is no
   longer expensive. the dialog was sort of confusing anyhow.

Looks OK now that I understand gnome-vfs was changed to make this fast. Please commit.

I do fear that the gnome-vfs change somehow made trash "bad", but it's not like we had any reports of this.

 - remove the "you are running as root" dialog. the main problem is
   that this appeared for every single Nautilus window you opened.
   kind of annoying. Also, we only had this for gmc since we didn't
   really trust gmc to avoid e.g. deleting your filesystem.
   I guess we are trusting Nautilus. ;-) so there should be no
   need to warn about it.

Please remove the code instead of just putting #if 0 around it.

In particular, if you do this patch as-is, you'll get unused warnings and on cvs HEAD with -Werror, we'll get build failures! So delete more code.

With that caveat, please commit.

I'm not listing two patches, one is the background hack that involves
gnome-libs changes, Owen already posted that IIRC,

So what's the status of that one? Owen, will you roll it into Nautilus HEAD? I remember the discussion, but not where we left it. I'd really like even non Red Hat Nautilus users to get that optimization if possible.

the other changes
the default for the theme preference from "default" to "redhat" theme,
which I assume is not an appropriate change for upstream. ;-)

Patching the theme to be "redhat" is not appropriate. On the other hand, changes to the default theme to make it more "vanilla" might be OK. The default theme was at least in part determined by politically charged discussions between designers at Eazel before. I am a little frustrated to have a "default", "GNOME", and "redhat" theme.

Anyway, this cleanup can be done some other time I guess.

    -- Darin

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