[Nautilus-list] Viewing PHP files in Nautilus

Is this a Nautilus issue or a gnome-vfs issue? If I've posted to the
wrong list could omeone forward this to the appropriate list and let me
know its address?

Nautilus has no default viewer for PHP files, not even a text view. It
also seems to give them the wrong mime type - they are classified as
application/x-php whereas I think they should be
application/x-httpd-php. (I'm using gnome-vfs 1.0.1 and nautilus 1.0.4.)

Would it also be possible to have a mozilla view for (at least some) php
files? In the simplest case local files of the form:


could map to:


I'm not sure if it would be practical or possible to allow for more
complex cases. For instance,


maps to /home/users/httpd/ on some distros and /var/lib/www/ on others.

Anyway, it would be nice to at least cover some simple cases. What do
others think?

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton                    Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist
ddb cogsci ed ac uk                    http://www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/~ddb

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