Re: [Nautilus-list] hardware:overview

On Tuesday, August 21, 2001, at 11:30  AM, Hayden James wrote:

Shouldn't hardware:overview contain more information about your hardware?
It can list your scsi adapter, network card, video card, sound card, tv
tuner etc.  It can obtain most of this information from parsing  through
/proc/pci.  It currently only tells you about your cpu, hardware, and

Enhancing the hardware view would be fine. In fact, there's a pending patch that still hasn't been committed to add SCSI checks.

The only thing we want to do is be careful to ensure that enhancements are done in a way that will compile and run even on platforms that don't have things like "/proc/pci" and don't cause portability problems for Nautilus.

On the other hand, enhancements to hardware view are not a top priority for the main Nautilus contributors, so these need to come from other volunteers.

    -- Darin

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