Re: [Nautilus-list] run-nautilus

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:
> I'd like to understand the logic behind the use of these options. One of the effects of
> --no-desktop is to not make the "handle desktop" preference appear at all in the
> Preferences dialog, and it doesn't do anything is Nautilus is already running. In fact,
> calling "nautilus --no-desktop --no-default-window" will do absolutely nothing! If
> Nautilus is already running, it won't do anything. And if Nautilus is not running, it
> will start and then immediately quit.

I think I didn't mean --no-default-window, sorry.

There are two problems:

 - if you do not normally run Nautilus, but run it from Programs menu,
   it should not manage the desktop; presumably you just wanted a file
   window. But "manage desktop" should really be in the preferences,
   so you can change whether it manages the desktop.

 - if you are in KDE, you see all the GNOME menus. Running Nautilus 
   hoses you badly (KDE decides it's a fullscreen presentation program 
   and covers up the KDE panel).

Also, we need to hack gnome-libs to add --no-desktop to the usage of
Nautilus as a help browser, in case you choose help for a GNOME app
from KDE.


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