Re: [Nautilus-list] preferences

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> While in the Eazel heyday you guys had no problem writing a mountain
> of custom code to get from 95% UI spec implementation to 100%, I think
> given current resources using stock libraries as-is and otherwise
> shrinking the code is probably a good idea when possible. Being
> absolutely rigid about the last 5% of feature set isn't sensible IMHO,
> if you end up "fighting the system" in ways that make the code a PITA.
> Also, since we aren't on a tight schedule delivery of specific
> features we can always go down and fix things on the library level,
> then wait for it to trickle up.
> Realistically, the 5% here is the 6 defaults I mentioned being
> different by user level. I specifically listed those to make the
> argument concrete, so we'd know exactly what the real cost is.
> Havoc

Lets reduce that set from 6 to 0 and then the decision is much simpler.

Heres my pass at doing that:

>  a) we don't show directory item counts over ftp for beginners, 
>     because it's slow. comment in code says if it were fast 
>     we'd show it for everyone

Lets simply make the default for this FALSE for everyone.

>  b) advanced users see more in the file props dialog (setgid, etc.)

??? I dunno.  This is one im not very familiar with.

>  c) beginners can't add images etc. to the property browser

Drop this one.

>  d) beginners get a simpler search bar

Make it simple by default for all levels.  If you want the complex one
you need to pick it from the prefs dialog.

>  e) beginners used to get a different default home location, 
>     I destroyed ~/Nautilus in our branch though, so if this patch 
>     is merged everyone will get just ~/

We need a way to decode $HOME as a preference value or some equivalent
scheme, but that is unrelated to the multiple defaults.  So yes, this
one is history when the RH branch lands - I hope thats soon!

>  f) beginners don't get the tree view sidebar

Lets just make it off by default for everyone.

. . .

b) Is the only one I dont have an opinion on without going in and
examining it carefully.

I dont think any of these are terribly drastic decisons.  I think that
as long as we bias the default to the beginner end of things, we're ok. 


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