Re: [Nautilus-list] multiple concurrent logons don't work

On 13Aug2001 08:47AM (-0700), Shahms E. King wrote:
> I don't know if this is a Nautilus or Bonobo issue, but it shows up most
> egregiously under Nautilus (but evolution demonstrates similar
> problems...).  If I'm logged in to GNOME on one terminal and then
> attempt to login a second time from a different workstation, Nautilus
> doesn't draw the desktop and all new windows appear on the original
> display.  A quick search of Bugzilla didn't turn up anything, but I
> didn't search for resolved issues, so if this has been reported and
> fixed, my apologies.


This is a mix of Bonobo and Nautilus issues. OAF has a workaround to
support use of multiple displays, but Nautilus is not completely using
it yet. It's on my near-term to-do list to fix this. There was an
obscure historical reason related to metadata for why this was not
fixed before, and I think that problem no longer applies.

 - Maciej

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