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You've given a high-level description of what Nautilus does.  Nautilus is a
shell that embeds bonobo components.

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> Hi all,
> Been thinking a bit about the architecture of Nautilus. Remember that I
> an a newcomer, so if I'm wrong, please correct me.
> Anyway, what I have been thinking about are plugins. As it is now, most
> of the nitfy functions are built in to Nautilus like the image viewer,
> the music player, search engine etc.
> Wouldn't it be better if Nautilus acted like a shell? Everything could
> be plugins, and the default distribution would contain some basic
> plugins for decent functionality (directory browser, image viewer etc).
> What I propose is some sort of framework. There could be a plugin
> manager, that calls the appropriate plugin based on the URI and
> mime-type of the resource to be viewed.
> The directory browser plugin would then be used for all URIs matching
> file:// and match all file types *. There could be a image viewer plugin
> that matches URIs * and mime-types image/png, image/jpeg etc. There
> could be a Samba plugin that matches URIs on the form samba:// and
> mime-types * etc.
> I have no idea how this would work with Bonobo as it is used in Nautilus
> today, or if it even is possible. Maybe these plugins should be Bonobo
> components - I don't know.
> Any comments?
> Sincerely,
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