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This is a quesion for Ximian, but here is the answer:

Since you have two file managers running at the same time, you need to
remove one.  You can remove the file manager you don't wish to run by
running this command: 


or you can get to this program by going into the control center,
selecting Session Properties & Startup Programs, selecting the Startup
Programs tab, and click Browse Currently Running Programs.

Select gmc from the list and click "remove" which resides in the upper
right hand corner.  Press okay.  GMC will be removed.  

Nautilus can be disabled using the preferences menus.

doorman can be re-run by running doorman-reset and logging in again.

I hope this helps.

On 05 Aug 2001 21:00:15 -0600, Brian Gonzales wrote:
> I mistakenly installed Ximian with GMC, but I'd prefer to use Nautilus.
> Instead of 'doorman', I entered 'nautilus' and now I have two sets of
> desktop icons. How do I fix this? TIA.
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