Re: [Nautilus-list] backgrounds dialog empty

> Great. I should have checked bugzilla. Can you give me an indication of
> where to look in the Nautilus source to add items to the context menus
> (both the regular menu and the drag menu)? And I'll take a crack at
> writing a pilot-installer plugin. 

And will it be possibly to add scripts to the main popup menus instead
of in the scripts submenu?  Possibly with some xml hacking or something?
I'd love to be able to have a "New Terminal Here.." popup menu item.  

On that note: is it possible to make the scripts menu show up when an
item isn't selected?  This would be needed when you wanted to perform
operations on a directory which you are currently in by clicking on the

> Another question -- is there a way to make the "home directory" desktop icon 
> open a new window, rather than make an existing window change locations? Without
> choosing "open all links in new windows"?

What about an option to have any links from the desktop open in a new
window?  Personally I like all operations to use the same window except
when launching from the desktop...

> Finally, where is the "Scripts" directory I keep hearing about? :) I can't find it, 
> and would like to try writing scripts for Nautilus.

It's in ~/Nautilus/scripts =)

Keep up the great works guys!  CVS Nautilus is fantastic!

Chris Heywood

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