Re: [Nautilus-list] MIME types

Neven Boric wrote:
> Hi
> I have a little problem concerning MIME types when using Nautilus.
> In my mp3 directory, I have lots of .m3u files (mp3 playlists). Some of
> them show up as a music file (similar to an mp3) and when I double click
> them, xmms starts as expected. But, some others apear as a text files,
> and are even previewed by Nautilus. Dobleclicking them opens the embeded
> Nautilus text viewer.
> I checked their MIME types and the ones that show up right have
> audio/x-mpegurl (M3 audio URL) and the other ones have text/x-c++ (C++
> source code)
> Anyone knows why this is happening (I think it's related to wich program
> created the files), and how to solve it (using Nautilus, or some other
> way)?
> Thanks in advance
> Neven
> PS: Maybe this has nothing to do with Nautilus, but I don't know where
> to ask

It sounds like a bug in the code that tries to sniff out the mime type
of the .m3u files.  This code lives in the gnome-vfs module.

Can you please file a bug about this at under
the gnome-vfs component.  Also, please attatch at least one of the .m3u
files that are wrongly sniffed into that bug report.



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