[Nautilus-list] MIME types

I have a little problem concerning MIME types when using Nautilus.
In my mp3 directory, I have lots of .m3u files (mp3 playlists). Some of
them show up as a music file (similar to an mp3) and when I double click
them, xmms starts as expected. But, some others apear as a text files,
and are even previewed by Nautilus. Dobleclicking them opens the embeded
Nautilus text viewer.
I checked their MIME types and the ones that show up right have
audio/x-mpegurl (M3 audio URL) and the other ones have text/x-c++ (C++
source code)
Anyone knows why this is happening (I think it's related to wich program
created the files), and how to solve it (using Nautilus, or some other

Thanks in advance

PS: Maybe this has nothing to do with Nautilus, but I don't know where
to ask

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