[Nautilus-list] Nautilus 1.0.3 release tasks and development status

John Sullivan, Don Melton, and I just finished going over bugzilla, trying
to "grease the skids" so we can get a 1.0.3 release out soon.

All the bugs that we think require fixes before 1.0.3 can possibly go out
are marked P1, in the "Nautilus 1.0.3" milestone. Other bugs that would be
nice to fix for 1.0.3 and we want to track are marked P5, in the "Nautilus
1.0.3" milestone. Many other bugs are in the "[later]" milestone, which
means that we aren't pushing anyone to get a fix in for 1.0.3.

Help us get a good release out, please work on the bugs assigned to you and
help verify bug fixes. You can get a nice overview of the open bugs by
visiting <http://bugzilla.eazel.com/reports.cgi> and clicking on the
"Display Report" button.

We're going to stop adding features and bug fixes on Monday April 30, and
then get the release out by the next week after that. We're still planning
to call the release Nautilus 1.0.3, despite many good arguments for calling
it Nautilus 1.2 instead.

John Sullivan is going to take a quick pass over the nautilus-1 branch to
make sure that all the changes from there are rolled into HEAD.

I'm going to update NEWS again later today.

Also, please let me know if you know of anything specific that's going to be
worse in Nautilus 1.0.3 than in Nautilus 1.0.2.

    -- Darin

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