Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus 1.0.3 (possibly 1.2?)

on 4/21/01 11:58 PM, Josh Barrow at josh whitecape org wrote:

> I propose that we call Nautilus 1.0.3, Nautilus 1.2.  I feel that all of
> these changes warrant the upped version number.  If these changes don't
> warrant it, what would?

I have three thoughts:

    1) We originally planned to call this release Nautilus 1.2, then I
backed off to 1.0.2 when I decided that it was better to not claim this was
a major upgrade. "Under-promise, over-deliver" is a good motto.
    2) It would be fine with me if we want to change our minds as a team,
and call it 1.2, but I'm not sure how to make the decision. Hearing opinions
here on the mailing list is OK, but I'm not certain that's enough to make an
informed choice.
    3) I don't think any of these changes constitute major features. They
feel more like tuning to me, with a few small features. A major feature for
me would be something that makes a significant change in day-to-day use for
an average user who isn't doing anything fancy. But I don't think it's worth
arguing this point. Everyone has their own threshold for what they think are
major features.

I think I've heard enough "pro" arguments for calling it 1.2. Any "con"
arguments for calling it 1.0.3?

    -- Darin

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