Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus 1.0.3 (possibly 1.2?)


Yeah, we did decide to use the kernel numbering scheme (if I remember correctly).

I agree completely that 1.0.3 makes it sound like just a bug-fix release. (which it isn't)


On Sunday, April 22, 2001, at 05:41 AM, Seth Nickell wrote:

I propose that we call Nautilus 1.0.3, Nautilus 1.2. I feel that all of
these changes warrant the upped version number.  If these changes don't
warrant it, what would?

Maybe 1.1 would be in order. Are we using the kernel numbering scheme
(e.g. stable releases are even, etc)?

Nautilus 1.0.3 does make it sound primarily like "just" a bugfix
release. While it does fix lots of bugs, we've also added some useful
features and tweaks that make it significantly more usable as a desktop
(at least for me). I don't think its being over-eagre to up the version
number at least .x.


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