[Nautilus-list] The return of the GNOME summaries (Please read)

Hi good people,
I have been talking to Havoc Pennington and will as a result of that try
to ressurect/reincarnate the GNOME weekly summaries. In order to do so 
do I need your cooperation. 

While I follow many of the GNOME mailing lists and other discussions
there are still lot of things that passes below my radar, so if you
could try to send me information on new and cool stuff happening with
your project(s) for inclussion in the summaries that would be great.

The kind of things I am interested is the cool stuff that in itself
doesn't warrant a Gnotice post. Examples here would be the a new cool
bonobo component released, a new format supported in GStreamer, some
functionality milestone reached in Gnumeric or working word export in
Abiword, or maybe a long standing deskguide-applet bug killed of. You
get the idea.  I will of course try to catch most such stuff myself, but
if your project of choice doesn't get the attention it deserves then
blame yourself for not mailing me.

I hope to put up the first GNOME summary next thursday so please have
anything you want in mailed to me by then.

Christian Schaller 

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